Estimating weight

The RTC have an excellent weight : length chart on their website which helps in estimating the weight of fish so that they can be returned nice and quickly and with the minimum of handling.

See:- Length/Weight chart

They also have excellent guidance on the handling of Spring fish:-

FISH HANDLING Fish should be handled with extreme care, especially those that have been injured or become exhausted whilst being played. 

* Use a knotless net to bring the fish into the side of the River, if necessary

* Do not take the fish out of the water

* Do not hold a fish up by its tail or close to your body under any circumstances

* Handle the fish as little as possible and as gently as possible: fresh scales come away from the skin very easily and allow infection and disease into the fish

* Fish should be supported gently and upright in the water until such time as they swim away on their own

* Anglers must allow the fish time to recover before letting it loose in the River; this may take a long time, and up to 30 minutes

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