October 9th Weekly report

Sunday 9th October

Considering the fishing conditions – highish levels, a coloured river and strong gusty winds – the catch returns recorded on gillieline were quite good – 464 salmon and 9 sea trout. Monday was virtually a wash off with only 10 fish recorded but the returns improved over the following 2 days. Then the river rose and coloured again and the catch returns fell. On Saturday with the levels falling and the water clearing the returns leapt to 180 salmon for the day. The high levels did not suit the bottom river however the beats collectively recorded 32 salmon and 1 sea trout for the week. The Milne Graden rods had the best of the sport with returns of 10 salmon followed by the Lower Ladykirk fishers with 9 salmon and Ladykirk with 8. The lower river fished well with most beats making double figures and collectively they recorded 299 salmon and 2 sea trout. The Lees rods who made the best returns of 79 salmon – 41 on Saturday – were followed by the South Wark fishers with 49 salmon, Hendersyde 35 salmon and 1 sea trout, the Junction 34 salmon, Birgham Dub 24 and Tillmouth 21 salmon. Although the levels encourage the upstream movement of fish, most of the middle river beats had a lean time as the fish continued to run to the upper river, and collectively they recorded 89 salmon and 1 sea trout. Upper Floors fishers had the best of the sport with returns of 20 salmon followed closely by the Lower Floors rods with 18 salmon and Rutherford with 17. As on the middle river, fish ran through many of the upper river beats and they recorded 31 salmon and 5 sea trout. Dawyck with 6 made the best returns followed by Sunderland Hall and Fairnilee with 5 each. On Fairnilee Luxemburg visitor Roger Thoss caught his first ever salmon – 8lb – on the last day of the week. Earlier in the week another rod caught a couple of fish – 1 at 18lb (returned) – on a little used fly pattern on the Tweed – the Green Highlander – dressed on a double hook. Sport was slow on the tributaries – the Middle Ettrick Fishery had 9 salmon, the Bluestone Fishery on the Whiteadder had 2 and Upper Tindal and Redscar on the Till each had 1 fish.

Some good sized salmon featured in the returns during the week – Boathouse 1 at 28lb. on Wednesday and 1 at 24lb. on Tuesday. – Hendersyde 1 at 24lb. on Saturday – Boleside 1 at 20lb. on Tuesday and Birgham Dub 1 at 20lb. on Saturday.  To receive this report each week, see FishTweed’s report by Bill Stanworth

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