Presentation for first springer

This is a picture of the angler who caught the first Springer on Tweed on the opening day of the season, 1st February, 2012.

From left to right are; Jim Smail (Head Boatman on Lower Floors), Magnus Klintheim and Tim Pilcher of Tweedside Tackle.

The details are as follows:-

Angler – Magnus Klintheim from Sweden, first ever trip to Scotland!

Date – 1st February, 2012

Time – 9.30am first catch on the whistle blow!

Fish – 11lb hen

Caught – Lower Floors

Fly – 1 ¼ “ Cascade Conehead tube

Presentation – in Tweedside Tackle. Presented by Tim Pilcher, Magnus Klintheim received a certificate, crystal tumbler and Hardy kindly donated a Mach 55 flyline

There were well in excess of 30 fish caught on the system on the opening day. By far the best opening day in a decade! Final tally still to be confirmed.

If you have any photographs and stories please email

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