Anyone who books on-line gets asked to send us a feedback form. We also ask for stories and pictures from anyone regarding Tweed for this blog and our facebook/twitter accounts. Here’s one received today:-

Customer Feedback email:-

My wife Katie and I had 3 days fishing on Lower Birgham on 8th-10th March, it was also her birthday on 12th March.
We had 3 days fishing and saw plenty of fish, a mix of springers and kelts on the first day and I caught 1 springer (11lbs) and 2 kelts, on the second day I caught 1 springer (11lbs) and 1 kelt and still my wife had nothing. On the third day we saw more fish but they would not take so I suggested to ghillie Tom that we use try a Devon Minnow, which used to catch a lot of fish on Lower Birgham, well it worked for me another springer (12lbs) but sadly not for my wife. I can tell you it is a long drive back to York when you have got three fish and your wife has nowt!
Many thanks to ghillies Tom & Brian for all of their efforts.
Jeremy Wood

Thank you Jeremy and I hope you treated Katie to something really nice for her birthday.

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