Tweed Valley Ospreys

The Forestry Commission Tweed Valley Osprey Blogspot quotes:- There are a few teething problems with technical equipment at the moment and the technicians have been working over the bank holiday weekend to solve the camera issues.

During a short spell when the camera was working, a keen volunteer David, observed the following and this is what he said:

“In the short time I was able to observe the female on the nest, I think by her body language and manner, that we may have the first egg. She was sitting tight on the nest for most of the time. However, when she did move about she moved very gingerly in little circles, tucking her head down underneath herself as if she was turning the egg. The male also made an appearance. When he landed, they both stood in the nest together looking down at something that was just out of sight, before the female quickly shuffled back down onto the nest. It may be a false alarm, but it looks very likely that there is an egg to me.

This is great news and we will be keeping a sharp look out to see how many eggs that she has.

Looks like it could be an exciting season and well worth a visit. We have two Osprey Watch Centres in Tweed Valley, we look forward to welcoming you along.

To Keep up to date with the Ospreys in the Tweed Valley follow the Forestry Commission’s Tweed Valley Osprey Blogspot

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