Tweed Valley Osprey Update

The Tweed Valley Osprey site advises:-  The camera was working again today and we are relieved that the technical teething troubles seem to be getting resolved.

The High Definition images on the live nest today revealed that the male was incubating a mystery number of eggs. He was in the nest for a considerable time before the female returned and encouraged him to move over, so that she could take her turn to incubate.

We cannot see the eggs, but the expectant parents are turning and moving them, scraping deep down into the nest cup, which takes them further from view but is doing a good job of keeping the eggs safe and warm.

The new equipment allows us to take pictures and video clips of the nest which we will update on the blog and web pages.

The quality of the nest pictures really shows just how good the new equipment is. We hope to have any initial issues sorted soon so we can bring you top quality images throughout the viewing season at the Osprey Watch Centre.

It’s so good to see our Osprey’s back again and being so carefully watched and monitored. You can visit the viewing centres at Kailzie Gardens and Glentress Peel.  We wish them well for season 2012.

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