Report for week ending 26th May

Received from Malcolm of The Lees after our weekly report was submitted. He says:- “I know I said we could do with some better weather last week but this is just silly! Last week I was treating the rods for frostbite and this week treating them for sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Highlight of the week has to be one of our regular rods from Germany Martin Tewes landing a cracking 25lb liced fish on Monday morning  along with another of 7lbs both on fly, the fish was just over 40 inch long and as fit as a cock moose. Once the sun arrived on Tuesday it got harder to tempt the fish to pull anything with water temps climbing into the mid 60 degs they just seemed to go to ground, we did see quite a few fresh fish on Wednesday afternoon moving through the Slap in fact Bob Harrison at Learmouth below phoned to say he had fish moving up through the stream towards us but alas we couldn’t tempt any of them. A few Seatrout are now starting to turn up and one of my rods had a couple of nice ones on a dry fly in the evening, Marc will need a holiday when he gets back to Germany as he was up every morning at 4.00am to go stalking and then fishing for seatrout in the evening along with a game of golf in the afternoons that’s a full on holiday. We have been using full floaters with a wee intermediate tip and #10 #8 doubles and trebles. The forecast is for it to cool down a bit mid week but still sunny so it looks like a challenging week ahead. On the bright side my Onions are now looking braw! ”

Thank you for this Malcolm, we’ll have to see some photo’s of the onions later in the year.  This is the weather for them anyway, but looks as though we might get some cloud cover coming in if not any decent rain this week.

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