Photographing and recording fish.

We are always on the look out for photographs for the website and blog. Thank you to those who take the time and effort to send them to us and please keep up the good work. However when recording your catch, a little guidance may be helpful.

Only lift the fish from the water for the minimum time necessary.

Photography – When photographing a fish, keep it in, or briefly just above the water. Support the fish gently under the belly and loosely hold the wrist of the tail.

Weighing – If possible, use a weight net, or scales hooked onto a conventional net.

Measuring – do it in the water. Take a tape measure or mark up your wading staff or the butt section of your rod as an easy indicator. Weight can be estimated from length – see the scale reproduced on the site. Fish should be measured from the nose to the fork of the tail.

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