Help for Heroes Charity Swim

When local angler Alistair Smee and Tillmouth boatman John Edey started their 37 mile swim from Kelso to Berwick to raise money for the Help for Heroes Charity on the morning of Saturday, 16th June, they could not have expected such dire conditions.

The local area had received a torrential downpour of rain on Thursday and Friday and the pair set off bravely in a rising, and cooling, river from the Junction hut in Kelso.

After nearly 7 hours they had reached Tillmouth where the conditions were declared unsafe to continue with the river continuing to rise. On Sunday morning the decision was made to postpone the final leg of the swim given the river had risen to over 9′ and was chocolate brown.

Both Alistair and John were frustrated and disappointed by this turn of events but the safety of all concerned was of paramount importance.

The final leg of the swim has been re-arranged for Sunday, 15th July, and we here at FishTweed and many others wish for much more favourable conditions to allow Alistair and John a safe trip to Berwick.

Well done guys for the efforts so far.

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