2012 Spring Catch

The RTC have released the figures for the 2012 Spring Catch this morning. They report as follows:-

“2,792 Springers were caught by rod and line on Tweed this year, compared to 3,061 in 2011. The drop on last season’s catch was due largely to the weather conditions – especially during June and July with continuous high water making fishing difficult at best and impossible in many places. 2012’s figure is not transparent as several areas of the River that traditionally benefit from Tweed’s Spring run did not do so to such an extent this year:  the majority of the fish were caught in middle Tweed and the top half of the lower River.  Below Coldstream beats did substantially less well than they usually expect.

The five-year average for the Spring is now 2,269, up on the previous figure to 2011 by just over 100 fish.  With the last two seasons being full Catch & Release, the rate of successful returns was higher. 97% of fish were returned to the water successfully over the whole catchment with just 80 not recovering sufficiently to be able to be returned. Even before full Catch & Release was introduced, return rates have been higher year-on-year: in 2003 only 55% of Salmon were voluntarily released, but by 2010 the figure had risen to 91%.”

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