Prospects 24th September week

The week ahead is difficult to predict as the water is definately going to go into flood according to all the forecasts for today and tomorrow and therefore the upper river will come into its own this week as it tends to be first to clear. As this report is uploaded today, the levels are starting to rise and it is wet and windy already. However, as the wind and rain is coming from an easterly direction, the upper to middle tweed should be less effected. Middle and upper beats have reported seeing fish, although they have been difficult to land, so don’t discount these beats out of hand. The Tributaries too will be well worth a visit, once the water starts to calm down. With the tides rising at Berwick this week and the water levels predicted, this should encourage fish to run the whole system, so keep an eye on the levels and tight lines!

The forecast for the week is to be changeable they say and is for a mainly wet overcast week with occasional sun, details below:-

River temperatures should sit around 10 – 12c (50 – 55f).

The weather for the week is currently forecast as follows:-

Monday : 9c with a gale from the Northeast, occasional gusts to 68mph, rain all day with flood warnings of up to 60mm. Nearer the coast at Berwick a Northeast Gale is set to continue moderating overnight into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday : 9c with a moderate breeze from the Northeast swinging round to the East, occasional gusts to 31mph, rain all day up to 19mm.

Wednesday : 12c with a moderate breeze from the east-northeast veering north, partly sunny most of the day towards the coast with light showers and cloud cover forecast. Further inland the sun will be more elusive and the cloud cover more intense with scattered showers. 1.8mm precipitation is forecast.

Thursday : 11c with a light breeze from north veering southwest as the day progresses, sunny periods all day with light rain to 0.3mm

Friday : 13c with moderate winds from the southwest, occasionally gusty, mostly sunny most of the day with patchy cloud cover.

Saturday : 11c with moderate breeze from the southwest turning to west, occasional gusts to 25mph, partly sunny most of the day with light cloud cover in the morning turning to no cloud cover in the afternoon.

Winds for the main are fresh to moderate, however the forecast is for some hefty gale force wind and rain today and tomorrow with gusts continuing tomorrow before starting to moderate during the week.

The tides at Berwick are rising this week with 4.1m at 22.42 GMT on Monday rising to 4.7m at 15.38 GMT on Saturday.

The usual patterns are recommended with “Gold Bodied Willie Gunn”, “Cascade” and shrimp type patterns (“Ally’s”, “Aurora”, Gledswood” etc) giving you plenty of choice.

*Spinning has now ceased on the river.

As always care should be taken when casting and eye protection should be worn at all times to protect eyes from an errant cast – it can happen to the best of anglers so please don’t be complacent. Also on the safety note, a wading staff is useful and a flotation device should always be worn when in the river.

All anglers are requested to complete and sign the G.S Declaration document before they begin to fish. This is crucial if they have fished outside of the U.K.

In the interest of adding more detail to these reports, if any rod/boatman/gillie etc. has any details of catches, anecdotes, pictures or experiences whilst fishing Tweed could they please contact us by e-mail at

* Largest fish competition *

In conjunction with Garry Evans Tackle, FishPal are running a competition for the largest salmon caught each month for the rest of this season from the FishTweed beats. The lucky angler for each of the months of September, October and November will get a £100 FishPal voucher. This can be used to purchase any fishing in the FishPal database, which can include most other UK salmon rivers and also some excellent chalkstream fishing (for details, see our vouchers page) The ghillie/boatman on the beat will get a £50 tackle voucher from Garry Evans Tackle. Please note that fish will only qualify, if they have been timeously reported, and the beat regularly reports catches to FishTweed. Judges ruling is final.

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