Bemersyde’s weekly report

The Farr Side

w/e 28th October 2012


Good looking water today if a bit big 2f7in and clear, real foggy day with some drizzle but good for fishing, 4 salmon in the morning and a Seatrout came to the net all returned, happy boys at lunch, pm brings another 3 fish to the net, all fish fresh even the trout some just lost their lice all fish returned to the river. Robin Valentine managed to bring a hair drier to the beat today and some anti ageing cream, he needs it mind, said they where his wifes, likely story, your secret is safe Robin!! He will be doing a cut and blow dry in the hut next ha ha

ps had a nice Victoria Sponge given to the hut today looked great don’t know what it tasted like, Meg the dog managed to eat it first bad Meg haha


5 fish today but hard work to catch them, water 2f 5in and looking fab, water temp 48, 3 fish Woodside and 2 Cromweil biggest 18lbs coloured cock, only1 fish taken today, fresh 8lbs fish. Inter lines with fast tips and wet 2 lines, water height will get better as week goes on lets hope the fish keep coming in bigger numbers soon not much showing today.


What a day biggest fish in 25 years, put it in book as 37 but looking at charts more likely 42 to 46lbs, fish was 50 inch long and 25.5 inch deep hooked in Top Corbie landed Copper Beech 40 mins later Jim Reid the lucky man on a Willie Gunn tube water at 2f 4in one hell of a fight 150 yards backing out at one time very happy ghillie today and rod fish of a life time can feel a dram coming on tonight only one other fish out Woodside fresh fish 6lbs Robin Valentine think Jims fish spat it out before we hooked it ha ha ha.


New team on today and a near perfect water 2foot on the gauge. Only 1 fish landed today out the Boatpool far side 6lbs. Not seeing much in the top pools. The dish looked great today but not even a pull, some fresh fish in Woodside but hard to catch. Lots of leaves coming down today, we had to give up fishing at 4:30 after a squall filled the river with about a million of them.


1f 10in, best water for weeks and no fish landed, only one pull in the dish all day, a very cold wind from the north some snow showers in the afternoon, the boys fished hard all day though.


Cold start to the morning, hard frost on the ground, water dropped hard over night, 1f 6in, very few fish showing today in the pools. Two fish landed, one Cromweil and one Woodside both old fish and returned to water.


What an incredible week, many congratulations to all catching fish, keep your eyes peeled, The Borders Southern Reporter and the Edinburgh Evening News are running articles on the Fish of a Lifetime, Trout & Salmon are also said to be doing likewise. The response and congratulations afforded to both Jim & Ian has been incredible but well deserved.

Once again a massive thanks to Jim Reid and Ian Farr

Bemersyde Fishing Facebook


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