Traquair’s weekly report

Traquair Beat update: Week ending 27/10/12

Monday – The week got off to a good start, especially for Mr Morton who caught two 5lb salmon after four years of trying at Traquair! One was taken from the Mound Pool and one from the stream above the Mound. We also had a 8lb fish from the Leithen Foot.

Tuesday – Two fish were caught today, a hen of 11lb from the Middle Stream for Mr Farinoli and a 7lb hen for Mr Rouiller from Dornend.

Wednesday – On Wednesday, we had one 4lb fish caught by Mr Stobart at the Bridge Pool. Mr Rouiller caught a 5lb salmon from the Bridge Pool and Mr Farinoli also caught a 5lb fish from the New Water.

Thursday – Four fish in total were caught on Thursday. A 7lb fish from the New Water for Mr Tomkins, then a 4lb fish for Mr Wilson at Haughhead Bridge. This was followed in the afternoon by Mr Haughton who had fish of 6lb and 14lb both from the New Water.

Friday – Was a very quiet day, with no fish caught and very little showing.

Saturday – Two fish for Mr Tomkins, a 9lb fish and a 17lb fish both taken from the Middle Stream after a change from an intermediate sink tip to a fast sink tip.

Overall, a better week with 14 fish caught in total.


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