Last day of Salmon and Sea Trout season 2012

Sunshine in Coldstream today. The 2012 salmon and sea trout season finishes tomorrow 30th November, where are you going to be fishing?

Check out our Find Fishing page to see what is available.

The river level is dropping with the cold and dry weather, so prospects are good for a lot of the beats.  Levels at lunch time today were:-

Tweed at Crook Inn                      0 ft 11 in       Steady
Tweed at Peebles                        1 ft 8 in       Steady
Tweed at Boleside                       1 ft 10 in       Steady
Tweed at Sprouston                      2 ft 8 in       Steady
Tweed at Norham                         4 ft 4 in       Falling
Ettrick at Brockhoperig                 0 ft 8 in       Steady
Ettrick at Selkirk                      1 ft 5 in       Steady
Leader at Earlston                      1 ft 4 in       Steady
Teviot at Teviothead                    0 ft 10 in       Steady
Teviot at Hawick                        2 ft 1 in       Steady
Teviot at Roxburgh                      2 ft 11 in       Falling
Whiteadder at Hutton Castle             2 ft 5 in       Steady


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