Tight lines?

Are we going to a get a line out tomorrow? Tight lines to anyone that does.
Afters today’s rain that was supposed to ease off at lunch time, levels are falling in the headwaters, but it’s still a big river. We did however see some sun, that was big yellow thing in the sky if anyone wondered what it was. Not seen it for some time, so I’d almost forgotten what it looks like. Frost forecast tonight will help drop the river, but with sunshine forecast for tomorrow and deeper frosts tomorrow night, Saturday could be a better bet.

Temps forecast to be
Tweedsmuir +2 tonight -3 tomorrow night
Peebles +2 tonight -2 tomorrow night
Coldstream +3 tonight -1 tomorrow night

River heights above normal summer lows on
Thursday, 31st January 2013 at 6:00 PM
were as follows:

Tweed at Crook Inn 3 ft 0 in Falling
Tweed at Peebles 5 ft 9 in Falling
Tweed at Boleside 4 ft 8 in Rising
Tweed at Sprouston 6 ft 9 in Rising
Tweed at Norham 6 ft 6 in Rising
Ettrick at Brockhoperig 3 ft 0 in Falling
Ettrick at Selkirk 3 ft 10 in Falling
Leader at Earlston 2 ft 9 in Falling
Teviot at Teviothead 1 ft 9 in Falling
Teviot at Hawick 3 ft 11 in Falling
Teviot at Roxburgh 6 ft 11 in Rising
Whiteadder at Hutton Castle 4 ft 1 in Rising

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