Thomas Tod Stoddart knew what he was saying! It’s guid to be back on hame waters on opening day.

Let ither anglers choose their ain, 
And ither waters tak the lead ; 
O'Hielan' streams we covet nane. 
But gie to us the bonnie Tweed ! 

And gie to us the cheerfu' burn 
That steals into its valley fair ; 
The streamlets that at ilka turn 
Sae saftly meet and mingle there. 

The lanesome Tala and the Lyne, 
And Manor wi' its mountain rills, 
And Etterick, whose waters twine 
Wi' Yarrow frae the forest hills; 

And Gala too, and Teviot bright, 
And mony a stream o' playfu' speed ; 
Their kindred valleys a' unite 
Amang the braes o' bonnie Tweed. 

O the Tweed Aye the bonnie Tweed ! 

O' rivers it's the best 
Angle here or angle there, 
Troots are soomin' ilka where. 
Angle east or west, 

Thomas Tod Stoddart.
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