April 2nd 2013

Till020413I see a little sunshine on the webcam at Heatherslaw Mill and  a bit of greenery starting to peek through. Could it be in April we are starting to see some signs that Spring is on it’s way?  A few spring fish worked their way up the system last week as can be seen from the weekly report. We do need it to warm up a little though and these easterly upstream winds are not doing anyone any favours.

A better week with 70 salmon and 1 sea trout reported to FishTweed for the week, landed in the area from Ladykirk through to Lower PavilionBirgham Dub had the best of the sport this week with 13 for the week. The largest reported was a 20lbs fish fish from Birgham Dub on Thursday. The largest for the month being Upper Hendersyde‘s 22lbs fish from the first week of March.

The week had steady low water levels again, and with the well named “Baltic” easterly upstream winds again for most of the week, conditions continued to make an anglers life very difficult. Water temperatures were stuck around the low to mid 30’sC for most of the week and very few self respecting fish were moving in that.

Monday had 14 fish recorded on FishTweed, from Lower Birgham to Juntion, with Birgham Dub reporting a 14lb fish. With the fresh snow which arrived today it was good going.
Tuesday had 15 in the same area with an 18lb fish from Birgham Dub being the largest reported.
Wednesday saw 15 again reported for the day from Lower Birgham to Junction, with Hendersyde having the largest at 18lbs.
Thursday 9 fish were recorded from West Learmouth to Dryburgh North with Birgham Dub‘s 20lb fish being the largest for the day and the week/
Friday saw 8 fish from from Tillmouth through to Lower Pavilion, with Upper Hendersyde recording the largest of 16lbs.
Saturday 9 fish were reported from Ladykirk through to Junction. Sprouston’s 13lb fish being the largest of the day.
Well done to all anglers who braved the conditions, it was only on Saturday that the water temperature rose slightly, but the easterly wind made life extremely difficult all week.

Beat report from Hawick Angling Club:- “The cold weather continues to delay the fishing for most anglers. Akermoor loch was stocked this week with Brown Trout in the 1 to 1.25lb mark, lovely looking fish. There was still quite a lot of ice on the loch, which prevented the boat being put in the water, but this will be done as soon as the weather warms up.
Acreknowe will receive its second stocking soon so there are plenty of fish waiting to be caught.”

Feedback from anglers this week was mainly about the difficult easterly winds making fishing difficult if not impossible on some beats. “Did not fish – bad weather – too windy (from the East) and cold. An East wind on this beat makes casting difficult.” was just one example of this.

In the interest of adding more content to these reports, we would be grateful if any rod/boatman/gillie etc. has any details of catches, anecdotes, pictures or experiences whilst fishing Tweed could they please contact me by e-mail atinfo@fishtweed.co.uk

Largest fish competition

In conjunction with Borders Gun Room of St. Boswells, FishTweed are running a competition for the largest salmon caught each month for the whole of season 2013 from the FishTweed beats. Please note that fish will only qualify, if they have been timeously reported, and the beat regularly reports catches to FishTweed. Judges ruling is final.

In the interest of adding more content to these reports, we would be grateful if any rod/boatman/gillie etc. has any details of catches, anecdotes, pictures or experiences whilst fishing Tweed could they please contact me by e-mail at info@fishtweed.co.uk

Don’t forget you can also get reports direct from the beats now by selecting Beat Reports in the left hand menu.

Have a look at the Your Photos page here at this link
Beat catches reported
(week ending 30th March)
SALMON & GRILSE: Ladykirk 2, Tillmouth 1, West Learmouth 2, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 8, Birgham Dub 13, Sprouston 12, Hendersyde 9, Upper Hendersyde 4, Junction 15, Lower Makerstoun 1, Dryburgh North 1, Lower Pavilion 1.
Total: 70 Largest: Birgham Dub 20lbs
SEA TROUT: Junction 1.
Total: 1 Largest: Junction 8lbs
TROUT: None reported

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