FishTweed weekly report


Well done Fiona Lane ! 9lb. One of two springers caught on Sprouston in March.

An improving week again with 92 Fish and 2 sea trout reported to FishTweed for the week, landed in the area from Ladykirk through to Tweedswood. West Learmouth had the best of the sport this week with 15 for the week, an excellant result for this 2 rod beat. The largest reported was a 22lbs fish from Sprouston on Saturday. Good to see beats getting off the mark for 2013 with a var…………. to read more go to our Weekly Reports page

Beat catches reported
(week ending 6th April)
SALMON & GRILSE: Ladykirk 2, Milne Graden 6, Tillmouth 4, West Learmouth 15, Upper North Wark 9, Lower Birgham 9, Birgham Dub 12, Sprouston 11, Hendersyde 8, Upper Hendersyde 6, Junction 6, Dryburgh North 1, Drygrange 2, Tweedswood 1.
Total: 92 Largest: Sprouston 22lbs
SEA TROUT: Upper North Wark 1, Upper Hendersyde 1.
Total: 2 Largest: Upper North Wark 6lbs
TROUT: None reported

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