Weekly Prospects Monday 8th April

Ian Wilson of Borders Gun Room – Prospects for week ahead.

The Spring like weather we had towards the end of last week has been replaced with another arctic blast from the East, to start this week off with. We are forecast to have a cool and possibly strong Easterly wind but this is to become lighter and warmer as the week goes on, with the possibility of some rain midweek, and an increase in daytime tempratures towards the weekend. The river has had a rise in levels due to snow melt today (sunday), and is running clear, and is at a good fishing height for most river beats.
Water temp was starting to creep up to low to mid 40f, but I would expect this to drop slightly to high 30s. This extra water should encourage some fish upstream and hopefully the middle river gets an increase in catches.
If your fly fishing, Floating /intermediate lines with appropriate sinking tips attached, or for those that use shooting head systems, Float, Hover, int/s1 with tips should do the trick.
Flies should be 1″copper/alluminium tubes or dressed trebles/doubles Size 6/8.goldbodiedwilliegunn2Patterns to try are gold bodied wullie gunn, posh tosh, eternal optimist, cascade, allys shrimp, gledswood black and yellow, tosh and monkey are all worth a go.
Spinning is another option and likes of silver, gold and zebra tobies, rapalas and xraps, blair spoons and assorted devon minnows can be successfull.

Good Luck and Tight Lines for the week ahead.
Iain Wilson

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