Sony World Photographic Awards Exhibition


We are sure you will remember us showing this image of an old Tweed bothy earlier in the year. It was taken by Paul Stevenson and found it’s way to being entered into the Sony World Photographic Awards. We are delighted to say that the image has been included in the Awards Exhibition which is to be held at Somerset House, London from 25th April to 12th May. If you are in London, do take the opportunity to go and view it in the flesh so to speak.  Congratulations and well done Paul.

Paul is a 48 yr old married father of four young children, that has late onset Full Blown Tourette Syndrome plus, which started out of the blue two years ago, so due to severe motor Tic’s (involuntary body movements) and vocal tic’s inc coprolalia (swearing & cursing ), he struggles being out in a social situation , basically anywhere out in public. For the first month when the condition started, he didn’t go out at all and couldn’t cope and still struggles with the pressure of the Tic’s. He has found that he gets some respite taking photo’s. He says he knows his photo’s are not top quality, a fact with which we disagree and this image especially disproves, but he says he enjoys them and is always eager to pick things up to improve, so feel free to let him know ways he could improve. His website is available here to view more of his images. He works hard to get knowledge and understanding of the Tourettes Syndrome out there and you can follow him on Twitter @goldylookfleece.
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