Band of Bikers

Band Of Bikers – Over the last month you may have noticed a quad tandem travelling around the sevens tournaments, however this week, between Selkirk Sevens this weekend and Jed Sevens next weekend, they are going off on a tour of Scotland to raise money for Hearts and Balls, Scottish War Blinded and The Royal Regiment of Scotland Welfare Support Service. By Donating on their Just Giving page it splits the money between the three charities. Please give what you can… You can also see what’s happening on their Facebook page.

The Adventure will be served on a quad tandem Bike. Taking us to each of the 10 rugby 7s tournaments in the 2013 kings of the sevens circuit, from Jedburgh to the 7s and home in the same day. Then on the penultimate sevens tournament at Selkirk we are leaving Jedburgh in the morning and arriving at Selkirk 7s and will not return back to Jedburgh for a full week until a lap of Scotland has been complete.  We will be camping every night and have to cover over 100 miles every day to make it back for The Jed-Forest sevens the following Saturday.  All this on a Quad Tandem with 2 props and a second row and our war veteran. All in the name of three good Charities.

Robert Reid ex-serviceman
Greg Nagle
Connor Hogg
Paul Hill

This will be a month of hell with a week of torture thrown in our just giving page is set up as well as our text message donation service,  We hope you get behind this good cause and give what you can…..

Thank You….

Sevens Dates        Approx Distances for Round Trip
Galashiels  6/4/13    40miles
Melrose  13/4/13      30miles
Hawick  20/4/13       30miles
Berwick  21/4/13      80miles
Langholm  27/4/13   80miles
Peebles  28/4/13      90miles
Kelso  4/5/13            30miles
Earlston  5/5/13        35miles
Selkirk  11/5/13      start of week long cycle
Jed-Forest  18/5/13

11/5/13 the Week of Hell Resting Places!!!!!(Roughly)
Day 1  Hamilton        85miles
Day 2  Fort William   116miles
Day 3  Ullapool         112miles
Day 4  Thurso           124miles
Day 5  Tain               108miles
Day 6  Newtonmore  90miles
Day 7  Musselburgh  122miles
Day 8 Jed-Forest sevens   43miles
Mileage Total For week   800
Plus total from 7s            415
Grand Total  =               1215 miles  Approx

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