Tweed Foundation Presentation

We have been asked by anglers about the disease which has been showing in Tweed this year. As we have been saying for some time, there is nothing abnormal about disease showing, however, we have been experiencing it being present for much longer this year. As everyone knows Spring has been delayed in 2013 and the water temperatures have been very slow in rising to ‘normal spring’ levels.  Thankfully now that temperatures are rising, the health of the fish in the river seems to be on the rise too. We asked the Tweed Foundation for an update as we know they are constantly monitoring the system. Dr. Campbell has recorded a presentation which has been included below.

“This is a presentation of what is known about disease in Salmon on the River Tweed. Disease, sometimes referred to as UDN, is seen periodically and is always a concern for those interested in Salmon fishing and conservation. This video expains the historical perspective of Salmon disease, what little knowledge exists and what the River Tweed Commission and Tweed Foundation are doing to learn more, particular with respect to any mangement actions that can be taken to control or curtail it. The presentation is made by the Foundation’s Biologist, Dr. Ronald Campbell.”
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