24 hour rainfall totals

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High rainfall totals were recorded yesterday as a band of heavy rain crossed the country.

Libanus in Powys saw the most rain, with 58.8 mm recorded in a 24 hour period. The highest hourly total was 15.4 mm recorded in Tredegar, Gwent between 11 am and 12 pm yesterday.

24 hour rainfall figures from 7 pm 4 August to 7 pm 5 August 

Site Name Area Rainfall (mm)
Libanus                         Powys                58.8
Levens Hall                     Cumbria              56.2
Aberdaron                       Gwynedd              55.6
Porthmadog                      Gwynedd              55.4
Tredegar  Gwent                53
Morecambe                Lancashire           51.2
Capel Curig              Gwynedd              49.8
Mumbles Head                    West Glamorgan       48.6
Camborne                        Cornwall             43
Cardinham, Bodmin           Cornwall             43
Warcop Range           Cumbria              42
St Athan                        South Glamorgan      40.6
Shap                            Cumbria              39.6
Boulmer                         Northumberland       38.8
Culdrose                        Cornwall             36.4
Chivenor                        Devon                35.6
Valley                          Gwynedd              35
Carterhouse                     Roxburghshire        34.2
Charterhall                     Berwickshire         32.8
Durham                          Durham               32.8
Mona                            Isle Of Anglesey     32.4
Walney Island                   Cumbria              32.2
Albemarle                       Northumberland       32
Liscombe                        Somerset             31
Cardiff, Bute Park              South…

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