Tillmouth Fishing, Tweed

Tillmouth BeatTillmouth is one of the largest beats on the Tweed at 4.14 miles with fishing enjoyed along its 22 named pools. The beat can be fished in high and low water conditions and holds fish during the Tweed season.

The owners are extremely pleased to announce the construction of a new fishing hut just below Coldstream Bridge. The new hut forms the focal point of the beat and is ideal for parties of up to 6 anglers and their guests, who may wish to take the entire beat during their stay. The facilities include a fully equipped kitchen, sitting area with a wood burning stove and dining for up to 12 people. WC and disabled access.

The view from the new hut at TillmouthThe siting of the new hut gives a spectacular back drop over the Long Stream pool and the magnificent Coldstream Bridge and is the meeting point for customers and boatmen in the mornings. With direct, easy access from the A697, the main Newcastle/Edinburgh road through the Borders, it was the ideal choice for anglers fishing the beat and their guests.

Tillmouth extends for 4.14 miles of single, English bank, downstream from Coldstream Bridge and has 22 named pools which hold fish from Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. Each pool has its own special characteristics and features, holding fish in high and low water conditions, from classic fly water with pleasurable wading to the deeper dubs where the boatmen will urge you to fish a fly ‘deep and slow’.

Blessed with spectacular scenery and wildlife, the beat extends through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is sheltered by a series of spectacular river cliffs and wooded banks which provide a haven for wildlife. Otters, kingfishers and peregrines are a common sight by visiting anglers. For the fisherman the beat offers privacy and seclusion.

Head Boatman Willie Elliot and ghillies with a rodHead Boatman Willy Elliot and his team of boatman will guide you expertly through the beat. Each rod enjoys the assistance of a boatman, the benefits of having the assistance of a knowledgeable fishing guide on hand are not only undeniable but in so many cases, an essential part of catching a salmon or sea trout. The beat does not employ seasonal boatmen or have one boatman to numerous rods. Uniquely, each rod has the benefit of one boatmen to themselves from 9am to 5pm to look after you – read more about Tillmouth Boatmen.

Tillmouth has salmon pools which at the height of the season hold literally hundreds of salmon and sea trout, and as a visiting rod you can be assured that Tillmouth will get any flyfishers’ pulse racing – check availability.

If you would like more information, including requesting a rod alert for the 2014 season, please contact Tom Carter on 01573 470612 or email info@fishpal.com

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