Tweedswood Latest Report

Tweedswood Latest Report – Last updated: Thursday 23rd January

With the warm mild winter weather, dare I say it without my opening day getting 10ft snow, yeah I can as I’ve scanned the long range metoffice and its looking all to good. Yeah a bit rain and wind but still late 40s into 5os temps, I hold my breath but think its going to carry on. Snowdrops are scattered all around the garden in full bloom which is great to see heralding that the soil’s warming up and we can take off at least one fleece. Yeah I hear you, it’s only late January and still got February to go plus March but lets just go for it, grasp it with both hands firmly on the cork in the opening days and enjoy what can maybe described as April in Feb because today the water temp at the river was 41 degrees, that’s April temps but will the salmon think so and venture past the bottom beats, will it be a middle Tweed Spring well I am firmly in the view yes it will be and totally deserving for sure.

Just remember one simple thing, first days on the river herald the sore back days that come and get you, most of the anglers haven’t been doing a lot, most are still in festive mode with shooting, you cant expect the muscles to be primed and ready for that first go back at the river. Take it easy, do a few stretches before starting out and enjoy it all, for it’s some of the most rewarding times – the spring salmon fishing.

Hope you all have your haggis killed and hanging in a cold store ready for the big night on Saturday the full burns supper experience. I am not out at any this year giving my Importal Memorey bit so will have to have a quieter night, but my haggis was shot on the Eildons in the dark and a fine specimen he is, lovely and rounded, fully fattened up with all the young heather shoots that this mild weather has grown. There you go, count down and fishing fever are getting the better of me and at the Team Mackenzie, we are about to launch a new travel rod in 6 pieces to get your rods safely out and about in the case – will update later but full range always available from me to try and buy.

The salmon hes swimming beneath the sea ,
A silver flash hes darting home .
His river hel enter to return safe
Lets keep it that way for all time sake .
So awa with these nets all at sea .

Cheers Kevin .

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