A Tweed Foundation seminar – 26th March 2014

imagesThe Tweed Foundation will be holding a seminar on 26th March open to everyone and entry is free. Their subject matter is Myths, Realities & Nuclear Chemistry

On Tweed, the Brown-trout has been as important a fish in social terms as the Salmon has been in economic terms: several local trout clubs have recently celebrated their 100th or 150th anniversaries and the Ellem Fishing Club, founded in 1829, is the world’s oldest.

There has, however, been far less work done on the Brown-trout than on the Salmon, and its life-histories and behaviour are much less well understood.  Part of the reason for this is because Brown-trout and Sea-troutare two forms of the same animal, and it is not known what makes some stay behind in the River and some go off to sea.

New techniques are now, however, becoming available and The Tweed Foundation is taking the lead in applying them to this old problem. The first Tweed and Scottish) results from using the stable Isotopes of Carbon and Nitrogen to show whether trout fry come from a Brown-trout egg or a Sea-trout egg will be presented at this seminar, with a preliminary analysis of what this shows about where the two forms of trout breed.

New information from older techniques will also be presented:

  • Electro-fishing results that show how incredibly abundant trout fry are in the catchment
  • Trapping results that show that different types of trout run up Tweed burns to spawn
  • Historic and recent angling catch records
  • Video of Brown-trout at the fish counters
  • Analyses of trout feeding and how to catch them

Come along to this FREE seminar and learn more about Tweed Brown Trout   TROUT SEMINAR FLYER

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