Tweed Angling Code – revised version available

The River Tweed Commission has published an updated version of the Tweed Angling Code for Salmon and Sea-trout.

Whilst the Tweed Code is essentially the same as previous guidance, more emphasis has now been placed on how and when anglers should consider spinning as a method of fishing, and also further notes on how to prevent foul-hooking fish.

For the first time, a single-sheet Summary of the Code, entitled “A Summary of the Tweed Angling Rules for Salmon and Sea-trout”, has also been produced and is intended to highlight all the main points of the full Code in an easy-to-read way.  The Summary should, however, be referred to in concert with the full Tweed Angling Code, and is not intended as a substitute for it.

All Tweed angling huts should shortly be displaying the new Summary of the rules.

You can view and download the full Tweed Angling Code, and the Summary,  here, and hard copies are also available from the River Tweed Commission’s office:


Phone: 01896 848294

The River Tweed Commission publishes a range of leaflets on Tweed both to inform anglers and river users of their responsibilities in respect of the law, and also to encourage good fishing practice throughout the catchment.  Further information can be found on the RTC website.
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