2014 Tweed Foundation Auction launched

Tweed Foundation AuctionThe Annual Auction of Tweed Autumn Salmon Fishing

on some of Tweed’s most famous beats

including: Horncliffe, TweedhillLadykirkPedwell,

Tillmouth, West Learmouth, Wark, Birgham Dub, Upper Floors,

Rutherford, Upper Mertoun, Dryburgh Lower, Dryburgh Upper

Bemersyde, Ravenswood, Gledswood, DrygrangeBoleside,

Holylee, Fairnilee, The Yair and much much

more including a Sage ‘Method’ 15ft Salmon Rod

(with the proceeds of it’s sale going to Tweedstart)

(Click Auction link above/or below to go to the Foundation auction page).

The Auction will take place 


Friday 27th June 2014 


The Tweed Foundation’s Office

Drygrange, Melrose.


All proceeds will be donated to The Tweed Foundation

Charity No. SC011055

A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland No. SC366380

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