CHRISTMAS ISLAND – Hosted GT Fly Fishing am in a fortunate position and as some say, have a dream job. One question that is asked many many times is where is your favourite destination in the world and why?

The simple answer is I love them all, however one always stands out for some reason and this is just one such tour and in fact I would probably hold it at the top of my top ten list of destinations. Why Christmas Island? It is not the easiest place in the world to get to, there is nothing else to do but fish, the accommodation is basic, but to me that is the whole point.

My previous trips have only added to my love and passion for this destination, for on previous trips fishing very hard and only targeting GT’s I managed to land over 36 fish with the biggest touching 106lb all on the fly (fishing does not get much better than this believe me) It is defiantly not a destination for the faint hearted as on this trip I broke 1 12£ rod and lost over 10 fly lines.

Just when you think things could not get any better, they do. For I am pleased to announce we have just finalised an agreement with a brand new lodge on Christmas Island. Not only will we now be able to offer accommodation with hot showers and air conditioning, but also with superior food. Plus our new operation operates fiberglass boats of two different sizes; the smallest are ideal for fishing in and around the lagoon or for local offshore fishing. The larger boats with 300hp outboards have now opened up a new world, water that was only accessible by truck and then fishing from the shore all around the island is now available from boats. This allows us to offer our customers access to water that some of the other lodges can only dream of reaching.

Another important development is with boats that can now reach further afield is the introduction of proper VHF radios that are always in contact with the base station at the main camp.

Currently the camp has just 4 air-conditioned rooms but we have just secured plots of land either side of the current lodge and over the other side of the road. The plan is during 2013 to redevelop the whole site, building more accommodation and move the boat maintenance yard to across the road. There’s no need to travel each morning to the boats as all our boats will pick you up from the beach directly behind the accommodation.

We have seen other operators in the UK now trying to promote another lodge on the island, please do not confuse the two operations there is NO comparison. We do not use false economy to try and promote this destination; all our trips are based on 2 anglers per boat EVERY day with one guide. Competitors are offering 4 anglers to one boat with 2 guides, this means that 2 anglers and 1 guide will be dropped off on a flat to fish while the other move to a different area. What if you want to move again (Which you need to do), what if someone has had enough or worse gets sick? They also offer areas accessed by 4 wheel drive, these are unless you want to just chase small Bonefish second rate areas. We believe what is the point travelling around the world and then trying to save a few pounds, when it will effectively half your efficiency while fishing?

There are two main ways for fishing for the GT’s. First is using large surface poppers 8″ to 10″ with stepped up rods and big fixed spool reels. This is hard work but either fishing from the shore casting out over the reef or on days when you are out on the boat, fishing sunken reefs produces fantastic results. On our very first trip 8 years ago, we set some new lodge records with up to 18 GT’s from a boat in a day. A total of 106 GT’s in the week with 4 fish over 100lb the biggest around 125lb, but that’s not all, on days from the boat customers also had Yellowfin Tuna to 120lb, Sailfish and Wahoo all on surface poppers.

The second way is to fly fish for them. This can be achieved either by fishing from the boat close to the shore casting surface fly poppers and double hand stripping them back as the GT’s like a lot of noise and poppers that move very fast. You can also use a lure rod without hooks and try to switch and tease the GT’s out of the reefs. The other method is to fish inshore with over 250 miles of saltwater flats, lagoons and channel’s. Fishing will be done while wading and entails sight casting to visible fish in shallow water. For anglers keen on the challenge of Trevally, (Giant, Golden, Blue Fin, and Striped) our guides are highly skilled and passionate in their pursuit. While a somewhat higher stakes game than Bone fishing or lure fishing, the results are often spectacular!

Hosted trip for 2015. Dates just released.
“My favourite destination. After many years I’m looking forward to targeting something new here – catching the elusive Milkfish on the fly.”

Peter Collingsworth Operations Director

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