FishTweed river report 11th May 2015

(Last updated: Monday 11th May)

The May bank holiday weekend arrived with some much needed rain and boy did it arrive!!  As a result, Monday was not fishable but did clear enough for a better week overall with 70 salmon being caught, landed and released. All of this against a backdrop of a rising and falling river in good old fashioned yo-yo style all week.

The varying and high levels did not help the lower Tweed beats. Hopefully after the recent rain this weekend the river will calm down and allow everyone some good sport.

Doug reports.
The week started badly for us on the beats below Tillmouth, with the river running at just over 4 ft and with a distinctly chocolate complexion. It did fall to 2ft 3 in by Tuesday morning and was clearing slightly, but the Till was was up over a foot which is never good for the bottom beats as it has a tremendous effect on the clarity of the water down here and to cap it all steady rain was driving in on a cold Easterly wind. There weren’t many anglers out on these bottom Tweed beats and I resorted to reading about fishing rather than actually wetting a line. William Scrope writing about fishing the Tweed in the days before chest waders were available (1843) made me smile with his warning,  “Avoid standing upon rocking stones, for obvious reasons; and never go into the water deeper than the fifth button of your waistcoat.” Thank goodness for our modern gear! The water stayed high and coloured for most of the remainder of the week with slight fluctuations in height all of which improved conditions for the higher beats. In these conditions however, the Whiteadder often comes into its own and, sure enough, Blue Stone had a fish on Friday. On a more positive note however, I see that greater numbers of sea trout have been caught this week with the Till performing particularly well. I have also spoken to a number of anglers during the week who, having decided to give up on the salmon until conditions improve, ventured off to Coldingham Loch which is fishing well at the moment. There is always some sport to be had down here even when everything appears to be against us.

With the higher water levels beginning to reduce and clarity getting better Tuesday and Wednesday were better days for the Middle beats. By Thursday we were back to the river being on the rise and very coloured from the rain on Wednesday night but by late afternoon on Thursday the river was fishable for some of these beats.

Friday was a cracking day. The levels were good and the water had good clarity with a slight tinge of colour. Water temperature is on the rise too which really helped anglers. Any angler out on the Friday will have thoroughly enjoyed the day and had a good opportunity of getting into a Springer. This was clearly the case in the Kelso area for catches.

Junction came out on top with an impressive catch total of 25 fish for the week and the only beat to have caught fish fromTuesday until Saturday. Graham Thomas had a lovely 15lbr on Friday and the beat went onto catch and land a lovely 20blr, details to follow.

Sprouston, Hendersyde and Upper Hendersyde also took fish but mainly on the Friday and Saturday before the levels became away.

The Sea-trout have also started to appear in better numbers and with this water rise for the week, and warmer weather forecast this should bring some extra fishing action to much of the river for these wonderful fish, especially up on the Till.

Some of the anglers out last week who had some cracking sport were Roger Worth who caught an 11lb salmon at Boleside on Friday the 8th. Mr Gray fishing Bemersyde has a lovely fish on Friday fishing the Boat Pool.

A much better week with the much needed water and even although the river fluctuated a lot during the week, the much needed rain was welcome and this should bring more fish into the river of both salmon and sea trout.

The rain last night (Sunday) might cause some disruption but as the temperature is on the increase, the river and sport look very exciting as the week progresses.

Last week also saw the Bemersyde Trophy awarded at a ceremony at Bemersyde House where the winning angler, Wayne Longstaff, winner of the FishPal Malloch Trophy, was presented the trophy by our very own Mark Cockburn for the largest fish caught on Tweed in 2014. A cracking Spring fish and an award well deserved. Thanks to Lady Haig and the Bemersyde team for a great reception!

And finally, our weekly trout report by Mike Allan.
A few trout caught, mostly at the weekend after the levels had dropped. A fish of 60cm also been out this week. The March Browns seem to have gone now, and good hatches of Olive Uprights will work. Conditions need to settle and the wind to drop for some surface action.

So with temperatures up, fishing available you just might want to get out on the Tweed this week – give me a ring on the usual office number 0153 470612 if you need any help or advice on where to fish.

Tight lines everyone!

Tom Carter
Beat catches reported
(week ending 9th May)
SALMON & GRILSE: Tillmouth 1, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 4, Sprouston 5, Hendersyde 4, Upper Hendersyde 8, Junction 25, Lower Makerstoun 1, Upper Makerstoun 4, Rutherford 1, Dryburgh Lower 2, Bemersyde 1, Lower Pavilion 2, Middle Pavilion 2, Boleside 3, BlueStone 1.
Total: 66 Largest: Junction 20lbs
SEA TROUT: Ladykirk 1, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 1, Upper Hendersyde 1, Junction 2, Lower Makerstoun 1, Boleside 1, Tiptoe 2, Lower Tindal 4, Upper Tindal 3, Flodden 3, Redscar 5.
Total: 25 Largest: Flodden 11lbs
TROUT: None reported

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