Main nest chick is a female

It will be really exciting to analyse what this Tweed Valley bird does once she leaves the Peebles area and migrates later this summer. We will be able to compare her movements and migration with that of FK8 the bird which was tagged last year that remained in Portugal.

Tweed Valley Osprey Project

The main nest chick is now six weeks old and has grown to be almost as big as her mum, and certainly bigger than her dad. This identifies her as a female osprey, as the females of the raptor species are roughly a third of the size larger than the males.

She has a good covering of feathers and is able to withstand periods without shelter from her mum as she can now regulate her own temperature.

Satellite tagged so we can follow her journey

Tony Lightley and Dave Anderson from Forestry Commission Scotland (the licensed bird ringers), removed the chick from the nest and fitted her leg rings and the satellite tagging device. The BTO metal ring with the unique serial number was fitted to her right leg and the blue alpha numeric Darvic ring was fitted to her left leg. The Darvic ring, PVX can be read from…

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