Tweed Report 21st September 2015

(Last updated: Monday 21st September)

As late summer begins to turn to autumn and the colours are beginning to change on the river banks, there is a change afoot on the Tweed.
We would like to welcome Tim and the team at Tweedside Tackle who have very kindly agreed to help us with the weekly Tweed report. Great to have such local expertise helping out and welcome onboard!
Please do support them with your “tales from the river bank” this season and any tips that you have found to have worked in your favour.
Tim says –
This week has seen mixed reports from all the local anglers, we’ve heard reports of plenty of fish around though the word on the river is that many aren’t interested in taking a fly. Not a bad year for one fisherman, who boasts of 25 fish so far, whereas on the other hand we hear others complain of nothing, nada, zilch. One thing that they can all agree on, is that we need some rain, with the river being worrying low and the rest of the UK seems to be receiving out fair share of the rain! With that being said it’s currently raining as I write this and with forecasts of more to come this week, I can almost hear all the fishing parties sigh of relief!
It must be like Run the Gauntlet, Gladiators, Total Wipe Out for the Salmon entering the river with all the Seals, Dolphins and other predators attempting to pick them off on route! Though many fishermen and women who we’ve spoken to inform us that they have sighted fresh fish at many locations, which means that the hard work is paying off for the Salmon. There seems to be a good stock of fish in the lower river below Coldstream bridge, in particular on Tillmouth and around Norham, and the fish are reportedly a mixed bunch from fresh sealiced fish through to darker versions. Tillmouth had a good week with Messrs, Baker and Slade parties accounting for good catches. While the Wood party fishing on Sprousten and Hendersyde managed to winkle out a few fish during their week, fishing to their challenging conditions. The river generally remains very low and dirty (hopefully this rain will give the rivers a good clean out), the bottom is weedy and still very slippery, so make sure your boots are studded up and use a wading stick to avoid any nasty falls, or tears in your waders!
Dennis Flanagan fishing on Horncliffe had a cracking 18lb fresh salmon on Wednesday on a 1″ cascade tube, after fishing small cascade boneheads all day. There’s maybe a lesson to be learnt there, change seems to work! Ryan on Lower Birgham used small flies and mini tubes also caught two Salmon, one black and one sealiced.
There also continue to be good reports of fish being caught in numbers “up north” on Spey, Beauly and Sutherland rivers that continue to produce good numbers. The total for last week reported on FishTweed for Salmon and Grilse came to 181, with the largest reported on Tillmouth and Horncliffe of 18lbs, and for Sea Trout: 6, with the largest being 7lbs on Ladykirk Lower. Good to see fish being caught, and hopefully we’ll see that number rise with the river levels this week after this much needed rain!
Further upstream the conditions were not suiting the St Boswells to Boleside beats. The rain that was forecast did not materialise and the rain that came in on Monday suited the east coast more than headwaters of the Tweed. One rod at Boleside had a personal best of 17lb for his trip, but fishing remained hard and the resident fish proving not keen on being tempted by the anglers efforts.

If you would like a piece of Tweedside Tackle advice when fishing in these low water conditions, cast square with a downstream mend to add a little speed to the fly, whilst using very small flies and long clear leaders ideally tapered to aid in turnover and presentation.
For those of you fishing for Trout in these conditions, I would recommend sedge hatchers in the evening or try a small bead head nymph in the faster runs.
If anyone would like boast or brag about their catches during the week, we love to see them! Please email to , tel 01573 225306, or pop into our shop in Kelso for a chat! Wishing everyone a great week fishing and tight lines from Tim and the team at Tweedside Tackle!

Situation available.
This highly desired fishing beat The Nest, is requiring an end of season ghillie for this season. A September start is required. This role will be six days per week (Mon-Sat) with a start time of around 8.00am to dusk. Good customer relations is very important as well as sound salmon fishing knowlegde. 
Please contact Mr James Pringle 07966 470909 to find out more about this role.
Beat catches reported
(week ending 19th September)
SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 28, Horncliffe 17, Ladykirk Lower 13, Pedwell 4, Ladykirk 12, The Boathouse and Canny 4, Milne Graden 9, Tillmouth 32, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 5, Birgham Dub 3, Sprouston 15, Hendersyde 10, Upper Hendersyde 2, Junction 3, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 8, Dryburgh Upper 3, Middle Pavilion 2, Boleside 4, BlueStone 1, Redscar 2.
Total: 181 Largest: Horncliffe & Tillmouth 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Ladykirk Lower 1, Sprouston 1, Lower Makerstoun 1, Bemersyde 1, Drygrange 1, Redscar 1.
Total: 6 Largest: Ladykirk Lower 7lbs
TROUT: None reported

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