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FishPal Ltd., Stichill House, Kelso, Roxburghshire, TD5 7TB

Gail Tunnah
Tel/Fax: 01573 470612
Email: click here

Tel: 01573 470612 Fax: 01573 470259
Email: click here
Web: find fishing

What is FishTweed?

FishTweed is a web-based marketing service provided by FishPal Ltd.


FishTweed was created in 2002 by James Leeming who is one of the principal letting agents on Tweed. With encouragement from Tweed proprietors James developed a web based service to promote angling opportunities, arrange bookings and provide additional information and services to anglers, fishery managers and local service providers to enhance the overall Tweed freshwater fishing experience. At the end of 2003 Tweed fishery proprietors agreed to acquire the FishTweed franchise from FishScotland. The franchise later returned to FishPal management (FishScotland had by then become FishPal covering rivers in England, Wales, Ireland, Iceland and Norway).

FishTweed has become popular and well used by anglers and those interested in Tweed.

River TweedBill Stanworth, representing FishTweed (right), and Iain Wood of FishPal, explain the benefits of an online booking system to visitors at the CLA Game Fair.

FishTweed Benefits

To the angler who can obtain details of subscribing beats and fisheries with availability and online booking. Often fishery details are hard to find and access difficult to secure and FishTweed allows anglers far greater choice than ever before. They can view river levels (updated twice daily) and daily catches updated as reported. FishTweed also shows whole river rod availability (updated hourly) and provides on line and telephone booking systems. It also enables anglers to have access to local suppliers for ancillary services (hotels, tackle shops, car hire etc).

To the Fishery Proprietor/Manager who lets more fishing and becomes part of a sophisticated internet database updated either on line or by telephone. Telephone enquiries arising from interest in members’ fishery information are handled by a call centre and members have access to a computerised telephone catch reporting system, help desk and office back up. Members also benefit from training provided to Boatmen and staff.

To the local service providers who benefit from increase numbers of visitor anglers by providing them with goods and services bringing more revenue to their businesses thus increasing their sustainability. FishTweed increases awareness to the Tweed brand and allows it to reach a world-wide audience. It makes Tweed angling far more accessible and provides significant scope for increasing the quality of the Tweed brand.

All these benefits taken together are of great economic benefit to the Borders region as it seeks to increase the sustainablity of local businesses. Tweed rod fishing generates some £15m annually to the local economy and accounts for over 500 jobs.

Weekly reports and prospects

Local reporter Iain Wilson provides weekly reports and prospects for this web site. Please keep him up to date with what is going on where you fish.

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